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Hamptons Interior Design: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Jun 24

Whether you're inspired by Diane Keaton's classic beach house from ‘Something's Gotta Give’, or a Hamptons-style interior is what you've always wanted for your dream vacation house, this blog post can help bring your interior design vision to life.

Styling interiors the Hamptons way — key factors to consider

What is Hamptons interior design, you ask? Simply put, this interior design style hails from resorts lining the coasts of Long Island, New York. Over the years, it has grown in popularity and reached other countries, including Australia.

When nailing down the picture-perfect Hamptons-style house, it's crucial to create the right mix of whites and blues and stay away from the glare of reds, oranges and yellows as much as possible. Oddly shaped furniture and vibrant, abstract tapestries should also be swapped for simpler, neutral-toned designs.

• The colour scheme

In essence, the colour palette in Hampton-style interiors aims to emulate the deep indigo of oceans and the pristine white of sandy beaches. Hence, most items in your house, including the walls and ceiling, should be doused in hues of white, from ivory to beiges and creams.

Acquiring home accessories, like jars, vases and throw pillows in varying shades of blue and green indoor plants, will add dimension and a splash of colour to your living spaces. Meanwhile, light brown tones from wicker vases and bamboo tables and chairs will give your Hamptons-style home that warm ambience and cosy feel.

• Furniture sets

If your living room couch doesn't feature white upholstery, and you're not inclined to splurge on a new design, consider using ivory slipcovers to give your pieces a timeless look that will blend seamlessly into Hamptons-style homes. Other furniture pieces like coffee and dining tables should have clean lines and ideally be made from wood, bamboo or rattan for a contemporary flair.

• Lighting and fixtures

Ideal for Hamptons-style interiors, they feature delicate light fixtures with a coastal or maritime aesthetic. As a result, the preferred choices are wall lights in antique brass, table lamps crafted from nickel, lantern-style pendants and chandeliers to add a touch of luxurious charm.

• Decorative elements

Keep things to a minimum when adding decorative accessories to your Hamptons-style home. Place coastal ornaments like seashells, corals and driftwood here and there, and store away unnecessary clutter. It’s ideal to adorn your walls with coastal-themed artworks like watercolour paintings of whales and other sea creatures.

Style your Hamptons-inspired home with the help of Sage Interior Design

Gone are the days of wondering, “What is Hamptons interior design?” Now you know which elements to incorporate into your home, it’s the perfect time to collaborate with Sage Interior Design for all your Hamptons interior styling needs.

As Sydney's premier destination for exceptional interior design solutions, we're here to help you design and style the Hampton home of your dreams. Our company is a cumulation of highly skilled and creative interior designers passionate about curating all kinds of interior designs.

Whether you need assistance with design concepts, the creation of sample boards or expert advice on matching your interior and exterior colour palettes for the perfect Hamptons style look, we're here to help. 

Since our foundation, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with countless clients, and we'd love to add your home to our growing portfolio. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to request a free interior design consultation.


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